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LCS Cable Cranes

The leader for transport solutions in challenging terrain. Our cable crane systems and material ropeways are the most efficient transportation systems for construction projects in inaccessible and steep terrain such pipeline construction, hydro power projects a.o.

We handle loads over 20 tons and transport them with more than 7 m/s along more than 3,000 m through completely inaccessible areas.

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70 years experience in winch engineering and manufacturing. The specialist for all kind of high performing and innovative engineering solutions related to winding devices such as winch systems for material ropeways, shaft winches, rescue winches, testing facilities, large machinery a.o.

We develop and have manufactured winch systems following diverse standards such as TAS, Australian Standards, machinery directive a.o.

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LCS Pipelines

Innovative solutions make it possible to construct pipelines at the most critical sections: on steep slopes and inaccessible areas. LCS Pipelines uses different specific equipment and methods for the most efficient pipeline construction in roughest terrain. Cable crane systems are just one of many proven technologies.

We construct pipelines on direct routes overcoming very steep slopes over 60°, crossing mountain ranges and on rock faces as well as swampy areas.

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Innovative drive systems and customized engineering solutions is the core competency. ECCON is specialized in particular challenges and is able to develop outstanding systems applying diverse mechanization solutions such as using wire ropes, rack gearing, chain drives a.o.

ECCON is a pioneer developing drive systems for retractable roofs of large stadia. Today ECCON offers complete retractable roof solutions.

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